W O R L D O F ( D A Y ) D R E A M E R

This world-these artworks are my seeing of myself-my the self in the confrontation with today´s society of consumption and „Instant Instagram happiness“ where I feel that there is no place for dreamers. So, I have to put on my artist´s trousers and to create my own world full of deep true love and pure hearts."

"Shoes Of An Artist | 2022." "Every day I put on my artist´s shoes and create the world full of deep true love. Every day I put on my artist´s shoes and start a discourse between consumer society and the world of a (day)dreamer."

"Trousers Of An Artist" | 2021

"In the world full of haste, chaos, and abundance of information, the only place where you find peace and love is in yourself-your the self."

"Home With Myself" | 2020

"Children Of Digital Age" | 2020 . "Consumer society, social media and networks, the accelerating age, are producing a generation of children of the digital age who are looking for their human identity in the world of instant instagram happiness."

"On the playground of life and society I create my own world full of deep true love and pure hearts."

"The Times They Are A Changing" | 2020 "Pure hearts and souls of children are sending love, hope, and humility to the online Instagram society."

"Delicate line between the necessary security measures in a government system and senseless restrictions restricting freedom. Children in the photography represent purity and trusting obedience in authority, however, the imposed masks of prohibitions make them an obedient line, which is disturbed by only one raised palm symbolizing the desire for free speech." "Prohibition of deviation from line" | 2020

Life Buoy For News Readers | 2020 . In a world overwhelmed by media information, one sometimes needs a lifebuoy."

"Love. Registered Mark." | 2020 "I am falling with you in the deepness of true love, but I keep my fredoom, I don't want to be tied to another man, and I am not able to solve the problems with you, my love is a registered mark for the happy times, and having fun."

"So an angel came from sky to learn the consumer society what true love is and before she got a chance to start, somebody put registration sticker on her wings."

"Family is the basis of everything — of the self, of the society, of the world, of the universe."

"In With Love Only" | 2021

"If everybody should sign one word which defines her-his "the self" the most on the forehead what would it be?"

"The Kiss. Prohibited." | 2020