„Award Winning Art And Documentary Photographer With Foreign Exhibition Experiences And The Works Represented In The Collections Worldwide. With Various Artistic Languages With The Signs Of Symbolism and Experiment Reflecting Social And Psychological Questions, And Today´s World. Three main Areas of Photographic Study And Research Are: The Self Study, The Other Study, and The World Of a (Day)Dreamer. Work Reflects The Self And The Interaction With The Society And „The Other“ And The Critical Searching For The Self in Times of Instant Instagram Happiness. As A Part Of Self Study Uses Self-Portraits And Searching For Personal Identity During Earlier Stages Of Psychosocial Development. The Work Opens The Discourse About The Thin Borders-Interweaving Of The Self Diary-Self Documentary-Documentary.“


„I take photographs every day, I think about pictures every second of my life, I live in the pictorial stories of every moment. If there is one thing I need with the same intensity as breathing and heart beat, than it is to take photographs.“



Ph.D. Neurobiology, Physiology

Postgradual Program Therapeutic Photography



Clinical Scientist For 10 Years | Freelance Photographer | Artist For 9 Years

„My art-works which I can define as a Part III of My Work (The World of a (Day)Dreamer) are my seeing of myself-my the self in the confrontation with today´s society of consumption and „Instant Instagram happiness“ where I feel that there is no place for dreamers. So, I have to put on my artist´s trousers and to create my own world full of deep true love.“