„I take photographs every day, I think about pictures every second of my life, I live in the pictorial stories of every moment. If there is one thing I need with the same intensity as breathing and heart beat, than it is to take photographs.“

Czech photographer working mainly in Prague, but also abroad, exhibiting and with the works represented in the collections worldwide. Founder of Voitopi Photography (2013), which focuses on documentary, artistic and commercial photography. Ivana’s work includes both mostly black and white works in documentary series, women’s portraits, personal diaries and other projects, as well as reflecting on social and psychosocial issues and today’s world through various artistic languages with signs of symbolism and experimentation. Ivana has a diverse portfolio of projects. Among the documentary ones, among the best known is the series „My Prague“ (2015-2021), in which she captures the atmosphere of Prague and important events, or a series of photographs in which she focused on documenting the backstage of the Oncogynecology Center of the General University Hospital in Prague (2017), which later became the book „The Stories Behind Hospital Walls“ (2018). In addition to these topics, since 2014 she has been photographing the backstage of children’s dance and ballet in the time-lapse series „First Steps“ and „Ballet Life“. Other documentaries include personal stories of burlesque performers (Behind the Burlesque, since 2021), behind the scenes of Czech theatres and more. Among the ongoing personal diaries, the series „Maternal Exile“ (2015-2020), „Diary from Quarantine“ (2020), „Life Traveler“ (from 2015) and „American Escapes“ (2022) can be mentioned as a maternal road movie in search of love. In recent years she has also been working on psychosocial projects and portrait series empowering women (e.g. Swimming Women 2023), as well as projects exploring „the self“ and the therapeutic potential of photography, and is a graduate of the PGCert Therapeutic Photography at Robert Gordon University in Scotland. Her three main areas of photographic study and research are The self study, The other(s) study and The world of a (day)dreamer. This part of Ivana’s work reflects on the self and interaction with society and other(s), and the critical search for self, depth and authenticity in the age of instant instagram happiness. She uses a variety of self-portraits as part of her self-study. Two-time nominee and second place winner in the Czech Press Photo competition (2018, 2019), shortlisted in the Sony World Photography Awards in 2023. Recipient of an Honorable Mention in the IPA 2023 Deeper Perspective Award. Former full-time clinical scientist with a PhD in neurobiology and physiology.



Ph.D. Neurobiology, Physiology, Charles University

PGCert Therapeutic Photography, Robert Gordon University, Scotland



Clinical Scientist For 10 Years | Freelance Photographer | Artist For 9 Years

„My art-works which I can define as a Part III of My Work (The World of a (Day)Dreamer) are my seeing of myself-my the self in the confrontation with today´s society of consumption and „Instant Instagram happiness“ where I feel that there is no place for dreamers. So, I have to put on my artist´s trousers and to create my own world full of deep true love.“