First Steps … as I called this series from behind the scenes of children’s dance and ballet … have hidden symbolism — they symbolize that at the beginning of each journey there is a faith in the fulfillment of a dream — without the first step we will not move on the path to fulfilling our dream. At the same time, First Steps set up a mirror of the children’s world with its „rules“ that we should all be able to follow throughout our lives, no matter how old we are — to have a pure heart full of imagination and faith in our dreams, to keep dreaming that we manage something beautiful, rejoice spontaneously from every moment, look forward to everything that comes … all the first times and first children’s steps — the first performance in front of the audience, the first big stage, enthusiasm, spontaneity, perfection in imperfection, dreaminess, purity, pounding children’s heart, dreaming of something big, vulnerability, strength, effort, joy when something works, movement of time, play, growth, dedication to something that internally brings a feeling of joy, learning something new, learning to overcome oneself – this all brings love naturally into the life … the inner love that every child and, in fact, an adult, we all, need for a happy life. I wanted to convey this, to say, to show it through this series, in which I wished to photographically catch both the backstage and the beauty of dance and movement as such — feelings, movement, emotions, light, colors, secrets.

Photographs from 2015 – 2021. Basic Art School Prague. Ballet Preparatory School Of The Czech National Theater Prague.

„Ballet is synonymous with perfection, but the path to it leads through imperfection and  a perfect faith in fulfilling of dreams.“ — that´s why children ballet and dance fascinates me.