One very kind person once told me that to combine two or more disciplines is always a risky business, because everybody, including artists, is usually much better in one discipline than in the other(s). He also advised me to write a book, because he has though that I was a good storyteller. I’m a risking kind of human, I think that a smash mouth is better than nothing try. To be honest, I also did not want to give up anything from what I love and what I am not able to live without. The result is that I combine more than two disciplines. In which of them I’m much better than in the others, whether in any, I dare not to judge. I completely agree that this is a highly risky business, but damn worth living. Thank you very much, Sam.

L O S T  I N  T H E  C I T Y

n e w  c o l l e c t i o n  o f  p h o t o g r a p h y  o n  w w w . v o i t o p i . c o m



N e w  P a i n t i n g s  2018

Helga´s Thoughts 100 x 100 cm / Diving in the Fantasy 100 x 100 cm / The Girl in Red pantyhose 100 x 150 cm / Jumping High 100 x 100 cm


Painting Acrylic 2017, 100 x 100 cm. Suddenly standing in the emptiness, child still holding a teddy bear does not know what way to go. Childhood seems to be almost gone, as if covered by snow. With a childlike approach as if he was holding balloons, he sets out for a journey into adulthood. In adolescence, there firstly fight and sometimes gently meet for a while two paths - rational (blue) and emotional (shade of the heart) and at the same time the way of the child (green) is refused. All this pubertal development finally anyway leads to the finding that only when we let the rationality, emotion and the child forever standing in each of us gently amalgamate with each other, we find the best way of life.

For You

Painting Acrylic 2017, 100 x 120 cm. Fragile beauty of the generosity to others. Selfless giving of oneself, giving love, giving ideas, giving precious time, symbolically expressed as a purity of flowers, which could also be a children's roundabout shimmering above the crib or anything else you would like to imagine. Tenderness as a part of the essence of humanity - For You.


Painting Acrylic 2016, 100 x 120 cm. I am looking from the top of the bridge at a small duck searching where to nest, suddenly facing myself lost in the water of life expectations. So small, so clean, so defenseless, negligible white point sheepishly flying in all directions. We have so much alike, we all still look for our safe place where to nest. Naively staying in the middle of the anonymous crowd, hardly visible for others, looking trustingly around deep inside hoping that we will find our annoyed soul, the right one, a place to live, a place to nest, where we could build our safe haven. We can painstakingly rotate the painting as we would watching the duck upside down, as she would sail everytime to another direction, but we are still not able to help her to find the right nesting point. Symbolic impressionistic view of how all alives are still searching for a place to nest and at the same time observing others as they are, sometimes to no end sometimes successfully, searching too.

Mother Wiping Dust in the Children´s Room

Painting Acrylic 2017, 100 x 120 cm. Lonely mother crying while wiping dust in the nursery, sitting on a chair and cleaning up the room of her child every day. She would like to escape, but she will never do this. How many mothers abandoned their career and their dreams to stay with their children. She decided to be a good mother, she loves her child and hardly tries to be happy with the family life, but deep inside she knows well that she is not as happy as she would like to be. She is ashamed that she is feeling lonely, missing her freedom and her own life, because she was learned to accept her responsibilities and traditional woman´s role. Why is she not as happy as it is generally expected from the mother? Instead of living her dreams she cleans up shards of the games of her children. Instead of travelling around the world she is waiting obediently at home, so she would always be there for her child. Where should be a boundary between motherliness and thinking about herself, her dreams, and needs? Where is the boundary between selfishness and self-preservation?

My Prague

Collection of photography of Prague, its intimacy, beauty, melancholy, secrets, daily life. ``Photography Section/My Prague``

Too small, so she could collect all, but never deplore

Painting Acrylic 2017, 100 x 120 cm. Negligible individual smallness in comparison with the greatness and unpredictability of life circumstances and conditions. The little girl is too small and distant so she could be able to pick up the clothes in time, before it will get wet from the upcoming rain and the wind will blow it far far away. But at the same time she is losing something, she is getting an unexpected chance to look from close up how beautiful a summer storm can be, suddenly realizing what she would not otherwise get noticed, feeling how wonderful it is to stand still and not to fight with something that she is not able to win. Finally she wins in her lose because she got the chance to see beauty where it would be under other circumstances far less oblivious. She is standing, observing how the storm is slowly taking her clothes and suddenly realizing that despite her current powerlessness she had never felt so free, liberal and alive. Sometimes let it go may result in getting much more.


Painting Acrylic 2017, 153 x 153 cm. As a little girl I believed that when I close my eyes I could feel the inner beauty of a gentle whisper of the butterfly wings and to fly with them far far away to touch the nearest fairy tale. I believed that even something so fragile can show me a clear way what direction to go. I was searching in my dream for a little hint of palpable I could grab and hide in the palm to keep just a little piece of such an inexpressible beauty that will not disappear so quickly. But when I opened my eyes, the dream was gone, vanished as quickly as a small butterfly into the unknown. But something after all left behind - soft whisper of butterfly wings that shows me the way whenever I close my eyes. Infinite greatness hidden in the gentleness of fragility. Eternity which stays forever even after a short encounter with the beauty of impermanence.