D I A R Y  O F  Q U A R A N T I N E  2 0 2 0

P E R I O D  11th  M A R C H  –  25th  M A Y  2 0 2 0

Since 11th of March, when all schools in the Czech Republic had been closed due to a coronavirus pandemy and a state of emergency had been declared with possible going out restricted only for going for food, medication or to work, I had been recording my ten-year-old son’s feelings during several weeks of social isolation under lock down in which he misses his friends, school and everyday social contact. Schools for the children in his age were opened in the Czech Republic again on 25th of May, after 75 days of lock down. With this project I would like to point out the psychological impact of the social isolation during lock down on children. For many of them the situation is absolutely never met before and they need to get clear and supporting explanation about what is going on and why. The photographs were taken when my son did not know or did not expect that I am taking pictures so they reflect his inner world during isolation.