d i v o r c e  i n  t h i r t e e n  p i c t u r e s .  2 0 1 9 .

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Monika (35) is staying at one of the life crossroads – her marriage finished with divorce, she would like to have a baby, but has to build new relationship first. The story similar to many women who find themselves alone at the age when they would like to have a complete family. I tried to catch the immediate feelings after the divorce – from feelings of loneliness and separation, searching for life buoy, trying to hide to the safety (please do not comment, do not judge), feelings of lostness, past the stage when she moves from dark to the light to step-by-step finding of the power to go on and hope —divorce in 13 pictures.

S i s t e r s . 2 0 2 0 .

Series showing the relationship of two sisters during the global pandemic situation – quarantine or significant restrictions –

which influenced all of the close relationships and social distance.

Quarantine examined and deepened close and family relationships, we all had to spend a lot of time with the close ones and the changes in life style, daily rhythm, feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, loneliness changed us.

Connected us.

Home Exiles. Iveta.

Iveta (31), who is fighting with breast cancer, at her flat. Iveta is a carrier of BRCA mutation. I met Iveta during photoshooting for one charitable project supporting oncologically ill women, I have been touched by her life story and we met again at Iveta´s home to catch her ordinary forenoon at the period of waiting for the planned surgery.

When I was small, similarly as to lot of children, my parents divorced and so my journey of self-improvement began to be as much as I could helpful in our remaining 3-member family (me, mom and younger brother). The crazy chase began with my first work during studying high school. Yes, that for the money. I was galloping my career life to compensate for my dad’s missing, not only that he was not present in our lives physically, but also financially, and that made me obsessed with providing everything and arranging everything. It was almost forcible that I took the role of the head of the family and it cost me a lot of energy. No, I do not regret, I am proud of what we have managed to solve the family situation together.
For several years, I felt that something was trying to slow me down and I tried to slow down, to start my own family, but I guess it wasn’t enough, and so she came. She burst into my life without asking, the uninvited and unloved visitor and gave me a stop sign. Everything went aside, and I found myself at home where I could be for hours with myself and my thoughts … and even though I have been walking on the difficult road again, I am grateful for this life lesson maybe in some kind of perverse way. It is another life test and I get up as a phoenix from the ashes, I will not be broken and finally I will become mentally stronger.